"O you who believe, whosoever from among you turns away from the system, then God will bring a people whom He loves and they love Him; humble towards the believers, proud towards the rejecters; they strive in the cause of God and do not fear to be blamed by those who blame. This is God's grace, He bestows it upon whom He wills; God is Encompassing, Knowledgeable." (Quran 5:54)

Welcome to Progressive Muslims (PM), a hub site for people who seek to live their life according to the focus on ‘GOD Alone’ and are seeking ACTION.

If you are not a person of action, but are interested in learning/research, then we invite you to visit our sister site Free-Minds and you may find what you seek (God willing).

The ‘objectives’ of the Progressive Muslims site are as follow:

  1. Spread the message of Islam from the Scripture.

    This is one of the most important issues for PM...that the message of 'God Alone' gets out to the people and they become aware that the 'Islam' being promoted and marketed to over 1.2 Billion people today is a political mutation that has no relevance to God or His system. As a result, PM has translated Islam's Holy Book into a clear and simple work that is now available for all to read .


    >The Qur'an: A Monotheist Translation (purchase on-line for $ 14.95)







    >The Natural Republic: Reclaiming Islam from Within (purchase on-line for $12.95)








  2. Establish a Network for Muslims.

    A final objective of PM is to link Muslims together wherever they may be...

    Please visit our sister site and join in the discussions to establish a network in your area.



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